Intensive Immediate Anti-Wrinkle Care Instructions


What a wrinkle-proof cream 40,50,60 years and older: with skin release, the skin swells and the micro-circulation slows, then arrives wrinkles and wrinkles. Discover Jouvessence Anti-wrinkles and anti-poches eye contour.

The 1st range of care enriched with fortifying properties to give the skin its consistency. A color full of life and wrinkles.

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FINING THE BEST RENDU, it is imperative to follow our usage advice below. IF YOU OME OMETHING A STEP, THE SÉRUM NE POURRA AGIR PLEINEMENT and the result will be affected to see zero.

Our serum Jouvessence instant anti-wrinkles 3 minutes, can be used daily, every morning, or occasionally in the evening before an exit, to immediately find a rested look and awaken the shine of your face.

For a better result, do not use moisturizing cream on the areas to be treated as any liquid-based product will erase the efficiency of the serum.

1. Wash your hands to eliminate bacteria.

Jouvessence lavage de main

2nd. Carefully unpack your skin with a cleanser and cotton, then clean it using a soap-free product (to avoid the risk of skin drying). Rinse thoroughly with hot water to remove products and dilute pores, which allows serum Jouvessence anti-wrinkles to penetrate the skin well.

Jouvessence démaquillage

and 3. Apply "Intense Bio Purifying Optimizer" to remove any makeup residue and prepare the skin to receive Jouvessence anti-wrinkles then rinse again with hot water (do not omit this step).

Jouvessence Application du produit

and 4. Wait until your skin is dry (about 30 seconds) then apply a single drop of the serum Jouvessence immediate anti-wrinkles per area to be treated, gently massage up to absorption (about 5 seconds) and then stop massing as soon as the serum Jouvessence stick to your finger.

Jouvessence Sérum

5. Dry for 3 minutes using a fan, a hair dryer in cold or default mode, a fan or an item of the same use, which allows to close the pores, making the skin smooth and soft to the touch.

Jouvessence Séchage

6. Your face wrinkles as well as your pockets in front of your eyes have now disappeared, so you can coat with powder-based products only preferably clear in front of your eyes to illuminate your face (like our TV presenters)

Jouvessence anti-rides

Never use another moisturizing cream on treated areas as any liquid-based product will erase the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle serum Jouvessence.

After a few days of application Jouvessence immediate anti-wrinkles, you will more precisely determine the dosage needed to lift the area to be treated as well as its contour, because too much serum will not be absorbed by the skin and can leave a white trace.

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Jouvessence Anti-wrinkles and 3 minute instant pockets for men and women.

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