Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

Can't I validate my order? I don't have a PayPal account?

You have the choice of regulation: either by blue card or by PayPal: Do not forget to check acceptance of general terms and conditions of sale,
once checked, you have access to the means of payment.
Either by Paypal or by blue card.
If you don't have a PayPal account, you have to choose "pay without opening an account" and there you just need to fill the data in your blue card.

How long has JOUVESSENCE been marketed?

The serum was introduced to the market in 2010 after 2 years of testing. This formula was immediately a huge success in the world and was adopted by many celebrities.

Can we apply JOUVESSENCE outside the face?

Yes, JOUVESSENCE can be used in all desired places: face, neck, bust and hands.

Can we apply JOUVESSENCE on all skin types?

Yes, JOUVESSENCE may be applied to all skin types. If you have a pre-existing skin condition it would be better if you consult your dermatologist. The serum should not be applied to wounds or burns.

What should I do if the serum goes into my eyes?

If you introduce the wrinkle-proof serum into your eyes, by accident, simply clean with water. There will be no side effects, but in case of persistent pain, consult your doctor.

Has JOUVESSENCE been tested on animals?

No, immediate anti-wrinkle JOUVESSENCE was not tested on any animal.

Why does the skin shoot at first use?

The wrinkles are caused by the lack of collagen in the skin, which causes crevices and forms wrinkles. The skin is elastic and applying the serum, your skin finds a smooth and soft look. At the first application the serum must pull all the cells together, which creates a shot effect. This effect disappears about 15 minutes later. The following times this feeling is less important, see zero.

What are the precautions to take?

No special precautions to take. Follow the instructions. JOUVESSENCE Anti wrinkles and Anti pockets is not waterproof and cleanses with water. Jouvessence does not contain UV protection.

My bottle is full of product and yet the serum doesn't come out when I press the pump?

All our bottles are equipped with an airless system (with no air) which allows optimum serum conservation Jouvessence. Each pressure on the pump raises the bottom of the bottle by liberating the serum. A fine longitudinal window allows for control of the remaining quantity. Although carefully tested during the conditioning, it has already happened that a pump gets stuck, a small email from you and you will receive a new pump the next day.

How to choose an effective wrinkle cream?

Beauty is an essential point on which the majority of women care. But it is possible to remedy it in various ways, especially with an effective anti-wrinkle cream... Jouvessence !

An anti-ageing cream at what age?

Age reflects the beauty of the human being. It changes the structure of the skin and causes the appearance of wrinkles, buttons or other inconveniences. These are the worst enemies of some women, but also men.

Rides of the front: how to erase the wrinkle of the lion?

Only one drop of a drop Jouvessence Anti-wrinkles 3 minutes is enough!