An anti-ageing product, how old?

Age reflects the beauty of the human being, but it can also change the structure of the skin and cause the appearance of wrinkles, buttons or other imperfections. These are the black beast of some women and also of some men. To remedy this, it is advisable to use anti-aging cream as early as 30 years, as Jouvessence. Indeed, from this age, the synthesis activities of collagen and dermis support fabric slow down, which can cause the appearance of pockets under the eyes and wrinkles. This can start earlier if the skin is fine and clear or if you have been abusively exposed to the sun since your childhood. To combat these signs of aging, it is important to choose an anti-ageing cream that is suitable for your skin and your needs, such as Jouvessence, and follow a daily skin care routine to maintain a healthy and young skin. Jouvessence is a brand known for its quality products for the skin and to fight against signs of age.

anti-aging, existing products

  • To achieve effective wrinkles and wrinkles control results, some cosmetic products use specific natural and chemical ingredients. Retinol, in small doses, is often used to stimulate cellular regeneration, while fruit acids can help accelerate the renewal of skin cells.
  • It is important to choose an anti-aging cream that suits your skin type, depending on the ingredients used. For example, some creams contain vegetable oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids that can be particularly effective to nourish and moisturize the skin.

The serum anti-age Jouvessence has been tested on all skin types. It has the advantage of being used daily every morning, or occasionally in the evening before an exit, to immediately recover a light skin. If you have a particular skin condition, it is best to consult with your dermatologist. Jouvessence without paraben, without perfume and without silicone.

Tips to look younger

Other means are used to look younger at any age.

  • A modern look

Opt for well-cut clothing with clean shapes. in beautiful materials. Exit the adolescent look, prefer a casual chic outfit in which you feel beautiful before all!

If your arms have lost in firmness, you can wear long sleeves. Also think about treating your hair, finding a pretty hairstyle and camouflage your white hair if you have it.

  • Sport

Sport increases the production of collagen. Make a little cardio for good blood circulation and some strength efforts to get a stronger and more tense skin.

  • Food

Consuming foods that contain vitamins and minerals is beneficial to repair older and damaged skins. Think about eating almonds, black chocolate and berries, these foods contain a lot of antioxidants.

  • Laughter

And yes, you have to laugh! The laughter reduces the production of stress hormones and relaxes the face muscles.

  • Sleep

We all know, sleep is restorative and also acts on beauty. Sleep well erases signs of fatigue, removes tensions and eliminates toxins. Cell regeneration happens at night. So, we're sleeping six to eight hours a night and we don't hesitate to take a nap to be more relaxed. First of all, it is important to feel beautiful, and that it sees!

Effective anti-wrinkle serum can bring many benefits to your skin. Here are a few points to highlight to boast the merits of such a product:

  1. Hydratation: An anti-wrinkle serum usually contains a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients that help maintain elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

  2. Nutrients: serums are often rich in essential vitamins and minerals for skin health, such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

  3. Anti-aging: anti-wrinkle serums often contain ingredients that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles, such as peptides and fruit acids.

  4. Fast absorption: Serums usually have a lighter consistency than moisturizing creams, making them easy to apply and absorb quickly by the skin.

  5. Easy use: Serums are usually easy to use and can be applied in just a few minutes, making it an excellent choice for busy people.

In summary, effective anti-wrinkle serum can bring intense hydration, essential nutrients and anti-aging action to your skin, while being easy to use and absorb quickly.

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