2023-How to choose effective anti-wrinkle cream or serum?

JOUVESSENCE serum Anti wrinkles lifting effect in 3 minutes (video filmed at the international fair of Paris)

The skin of the eye contour is five times thinner than the rest of the body. Yet, the look is an over-sollicity zone (more than 18,000 eyeliners per day) and very exposed.. No wonder he quickly betrays our fatigue. To prevent and erase the pockets in the eye, it is important to rest sufficiently, maintain a balanced diet, avoid excess alcohol and regularly moisturize. It is also important to exercise regularly to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Special eye contour care with Optimizer Jouvessence as well as decongesting creams, masks for eyes jouvessence as well as the jouvessence anti wrinkles/anti-pocket jelly immediate effect, can also help to reduce the appearance of the pockets under the eyes. It is best to consult a dermatologist or a beautician for advice

Beauty is an essential point on which the majority of women care. The wrinkles are their black beasts. But it is possible to remedy it in various ways, especially with Jouvessence, finally a cream anti wrinkles and anti pockets effective.

Causes of the appearance of wrinkles

The wrinkles are physical defects that appear with age or fatigue. It will be necessary to smooth the skin to remedy it and to offer a new shine to it. Different parameters are to be evaluated in this case. We must start by finding the reason for their appearance. It can come because of age, by ageing, the skin starts to froe. Dry skins need more attention because they wrinkle faster. Finally, the lack of certain substances in the diet can cause wrinkles.

Vitamins A, C and E are effective and rapid care. Simply add the amount of vitamins and trace elements to the diet.

Citrus fruits are, however, exfoliants that eliminate dead skin cells. And solar filters in vitamins E and trace elements protect the epidermis.

The choice of wrinkle cream

Choosing effective anti-aging cream is not easy. It is necessary to start by knowing its type of skin (normal, mixed or fat). the anti wrinklesis suitable for any type of skin. Its lifting effect is immediate on all face wrinkles (sleeches of the lion, front wrinkles, goose mat...). Jouvessence is effective for 6 to 8 hours on average and up to 12 hours. without parabens and without fragrance, Jouvessence can apply even on sensitive skins.

Finally remember that in addition to using a cream or anti-wrinkle serum, one must also take care of his body. This goes through a healthy diet, favoring vegetables, fruits and olive oil, rich in anti-oxidant virtues.

Practice regularly a sporting activity to promote blood circulation and thus the tone of your skin.

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