2023-How to choose an effective anti-wrinkle cream or serum ?

JOUVESSENCE serum Anti wrinkles lifting effect in 3 minutes (video filmed at the international fair of Paris)

The skin of the eye contour is five times thinner than the rest of the body. Yet, the look is a super-sollicity area (more than 18,000 eyeliners per day) and very exposed.. No wonder he quickly betrays our fatigue. To prevent and erase the pockets in the eye, it is important to rest sufficiently, maintain a balanced diet, avoid excess alcohol and regularly moisturize. It is also important to exercise regularly to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Special eye contour care with Jouvessence Optimizer as well as decongesting creams, masks for the eyes jouvessence as well as the jouvessence anti wrinkles/ anti-eye pockets immediate effect, can also help reduce the appearance of the pockets under the eyes. It is best to consult a dermatologist or a beautician for advice

Beauty is an essential point on which the majority of women care. Wrinkles are their pet peeves. But it is possible to remedy this in different ways, in particular with Jouvessence, finally a cream anti wrinkles and anti pockets effective.

Causes of the appearance of wrinkles

The wrinkles are physical defects that appear with age or fatigue. It will be necessary to smooth the skin in order to remedy it and to offer a new radiance to it. Different parameters have to be evaluated in this case. It is necessary to start by finding the reason for their appearance. It can come from age, as you get older the skin starts to wrinkle. Dry skins need more attention because they wrinkle faster. Finally, the lack of certain substances in the diet can cause wrinkles

Vitamins A, C and E provide effective and fast care. It is enough to add to the diet the amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Citrus are, however, exfoliants that eliminate dead skin cells. And solar filters in vitamins E and trace elements protect the epidermis.

The choice of anti-wrinkle cream

Choosing effective anti-aging cream is not easy. It is necessary to start by knowing its type of skin (normal, mixed or fat). the' wrinkles JouvessenceEast suitable for all skin types. Its lifting effect is immediate on all face wrinkles (sleeves, front wrinkles, goose paws...). Jouvessence is effective for 6 to 8 hours on average and up to 12 hours. without parabens and without Parfum, Jouvessence can be applied even on sensitive skin.

Finally, remember that in addition to using a effective anti-wrinkle cream or serum, one must also take care of his body. This goes through a healthy diet, favoring vegetables, fruits and olive oil, rich in anti-oxidant virtues.

The anti-aging skin care market is one of the most lucrative segments of the beauty industry. Grandview Research estimates that the market was worth $40.49 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.4% from 2021 to 2028. To keep pace with the market, Jouvessence technology, as well as all beauty brands must bring the latest technological solutions in cosmetics.

In addition, attitudes towards ageing are changing. Consumers no longer want to reverse or resist the aging process. They have now adopted a more diverse conception of beauty, where all ages are beautiful and well-bearing. As a result, the new market for “aging well” is based on science and nature to promote an approach to the healthy and well-being process. Jouvessence here is a summary of the main areas of research on innovation in ageing.

The technological solutions of plant stem cells:

Our advances in plant stem cell research are promising for the anti-aging skin care market. The active ingredients developed from these stem cells can stimulate communication between the stem cells of the fatty tissue and fibroblasts, thus preserving the extracellular matrix of the skin and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The results of the current tests are encouraging, showing a significant reduction in skin release after only 28 days of treatment. We will soon be able to use these advances to offer more efficient and sustainable products for consumers who care about their well-being.

Cell science of the skin:

All the actors in the beauty sector now know that it takes much more than a moisturizing cream to “be aged”. On the contrary, scientists develop active ingredients that act on the skin at the molecular level. For example, research on stem cells, cellular communication and gene expression transforms how we develop products to manage the aging process.

In fact, with age, cells regenerate more slowly. A key factor is that cells called fibroblasts produce less collagen, the protein that ensures firmness and elasticity of the skin. These changes can be accelerated by environmental factors such as UV rays, pollution and tobacco, which produce free radicals that damage the DNA of these cells.

The future ingredients of Jouvessence :

Some partner laboratories offer technological solutions to act directly on these processes. Using plant stem cells obtained from the air, these ingredients protect against oxidative processes by stimulating the natural defense mechanism of cells against radiation responsible for aging, including UV and blue light. In return, this reduces damage caused by free radicals, mainly the degradation of collagen.

That's what we call a "hot zone" like the mouth. The appearance is the first thing you notice at a meeting with someone. The resulting representations are numerous. You don't think a simple look is enough sometimes? Lightning? That's when it's very important!

The appearance becomes increasingly important as the wearing of the mask spreads into the world and is likely to anchor in our habits for some time. Everything is about appearance, because we can't touch each other and sometimes even talk .

Through the gaze, we can convey emotions, attract attention, express boredom and disagreement, and even give meaning to the other. immediately gives a bright impression. In fact, it often tops the list of female complexes.

At a time when the masks dress our faces daily and accentuate even more our look, impossible to close your eyes! To keep a fresh and young appearance, you must act quickly and efficiently.

Well-being at “good ageing”

Skin is a reflection of our internal health, and our consumers now understand thatinner health is essential to outdoor shine. The application of the same principles to your skin care routine that any other aspect of your health is an integral part of general well-being. Therefore, natural and long-lasting ingredients are evident when it comes to aging well.

If this point is evidence, the rest requires constant expertise and innovation. Your genes play a central role in how your body reacts, and helping your genes to do their best work is an integral part of the process of “good ageing”. The ingredients that act on the skin at the molecular level are the key to the philosophy of “good age”.

The two active ingredients mentioned here are only two of the pre-packaged products on the "market". Deploy technological solutions to help the process of “good-age” these ingredients use plant stem cells to stimulate natural skin defenses. More news soon...

Practice regular sporting activity to promote blood circulation and thus the tone of your skin.

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