Gasoline 30 ml Instant drying 3 minutes:

Serum Anti-Rides/poches IMMEDIATE 3 min. for H/F. Jouvessence is a high tech serum that erases PROFONDES as well as pockets under the eyes. A drop is enough to resuscitate and beautify the skin until wrinkles and wrinkles are removed during 6/8h at least.


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+ woven pocket

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Jouvessence is a concentrated serum, developed in collaboration with different laboratories and international research centres. Its fluid and light texture allows targeted penetration in 3 minutes. You notice that your wrinkles and wrinkles as well as your pockets under your eyes are erased and your skin is embellished, smooth, soft and luminous without resorting to aesthetic surgery. Jouvessence without Parabène, without Parfum and without Silicone, replaces your day cream and is also used in the evening before an exit, to immediately find a younger skin. The spectacular effect of Jouvessence immediate anti-wrinkles has seduced film professionals, and supplanting all other anti-aging products existing.


Application Tips

1. Hand cleaning for hygiene.

2. Cleaning and cleaning of the skin with a soap-free product to prepare the skin.

3. Application of Intense Bio Purifying Optimizer to eliminate makeup residues and prepare the skin.

4. Application of a drop of the serum Jouvessence anti-wrinkles per area to be treated, massage gently until absorption.

5. Drying of the skin for 3 minutes using a fan or hair dryer in cold mode to close the pores.

6. Possibility of masking with powder-based products, avoiding liquid products on treated areas.

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