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A unique Company, a unique product, unique Distributors!

Source Of Youth stands out for its innovative, revolutionary products and because it considers its Distributors as real business partners.

The company is based on values of respect and ethics. It develops sustainable relationships with its VDI working on sale meeting, home and any other network. Source Of Youth offers unique business opportunities on the market in this flourishing activity. She doesn't know the crisis!

As part of its global development in the cosmetics sector, Source Of Youth seeks, for the distribution of its products, VDI, Distributors and sellers throughout France, wishing not only excellent remuneration + commissions but also total independence and freedom in the structure of their organization.

Light product: New generation by its efficiency and boom, our immediate anti-wrinkle serum 3 minutes, very concentrated makes all wrinkles disappear in 3 minutes, from the face, neck, bust. (1 product for the whole body). From the first application the serum Jouvessence return to the skin, 10 years in sight. Each person who tries it is immediately subjugated. The effect lasts about 6 to 8 hours on average depending on the skin type.

Whether you want to work full-time or half-time, discover a pleasant activity based on human contact, communication and advice, in an exciting area, that of beauty and aesthetics. Source Of Youth offers you a real activity. Beginners and Beginners accepted.

Your market: All men and women 35 years and older. You will sell to a clientele, shops, business committees and/or organize home sales meetings to try our products “free of charge” and show them their immediate efficiency in their environment. The hygiene and discretion of the home is the ideal place for this product. (More than 60% of sales for each test).

Ask your prospects to invite their friends and sell in a group, then ask these guests to organize in their turn a meeting within their home by offering a gift for the hostess who receives their friends, or start with your own entourage, the mouth in the ear will do the rest. The Source Of Youth Start Pack folder explains in detail everything you need to succeed in building your network and successfully completing your sales, the argument being complete.

The success of this new generation serum in other countries has been fulgurating and massive sales. The JOUVESSENCE anti-wrinkles is also made for sale in meeting. Our promise, every sale (even directly purchased on the website) is transformed into a Distributor's commission. You will be paid for your involvement. You access a scale ranging from simple income supplement to a real professional career by capitalizing on a growing customer file provides.

Not only a very motivating pay for your own sales (which you make with your customers) but also commissions on sales made by your daughters (new Distributors who register by indicating your code)

Our close collaboration is the key to your future success. Our respect for our Distributors and our ability to offer advice has earned us the nickname of “Creator of Opportunities” and brought us an unmatched reputation. Push your limits and take this opportunity! The incomes of those who have integrated the group have dramatically improved.

Focus on what's important. We are committed to providing you with the best opportunity for your efforts, motivation, challenges, passion and goals to be achieved. This results in two abilities: your willingness to react quickly in a given situation and the ability to convince and communicate with ease.

Complete our form to get your Distributor code and receive the Starter Pack folder with all its benefits. Note the following Distributor code: NI109SHST

We offer you:

  • A limited number of Distributors per sector.
  • High-end products, exclusively chosen for direct sale.
  • A real career or an additional income according to your needs.
  • Motivating pay (50% on your turnover + commission on sales of your daughters + important gifts). The total value can therefore be 50% of your turnover.
  • explicit training (on products and sales techniques).
  • Regular support by a team professional, always at your disposal to help you build your success.
  • Tools and sales aids, powerful.
  • Opportunities for career development within the group.

Become a Distributor Jouvessence : Registration is open now on our website : by or write us to
We will be sensitive to your enthusiasm and your desire to represent us.


We will send you your "Distributor code" and "Information access code", This simple request makes you eligible for the "Start Package" of your choice, posters, flyers, brochures and "Work Manual", sales argument and network creation.

It's simple, it's easy, it's profitable.

The Source Of Youth team